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A fashion boutique for women in the chain in Israel, is this the one that wants the latest trends that only you have and not everywhere? And you will not find in any other boutique !!!!!!!!


Is one of the few women's fashion boutiques in the chain in Israel that brings

Hence the latest and most fashionable women's fashion

Most by top designers known throughout Europe and the US directly to your doorstep

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Better when it's on you

The first ten (10) buyers receive

Gift 3 care products when purchasing one of the products on the site

Receive a gift


The first ten (10) buyers receive a gift of 3 care products when purchasing one of the products on the site

עליזה אבן טוב-חנות בגדים אונליין בישראל

An online clothing store for women in Israel

Aetvbrands are nice to meet

Aetvbrands Hi and welcome to the site

My name is Aliza Even Tov, happily married, mother of three grown children, all married

And enjoys 8 amazing grandchildren

I believe that every woman deserves clothing of the highest quality, fits perfectly and at the same time will not make a hole in the pocket

Which has everything for women's clothing and accessories Aetvbrands site

I therefore bring you all the most equal trends by international designers located in Ukraine and Poland and already known all over Europe and the United States

My task is to make accessible therefore high quality products without a decrease in the level of quality

The safest designers and companies

The products on the site are products that follow the style and trends of women's fashion and fashionable accessories.


Every product with us is carefully selected by professionals who live fashion and sharp-eyed who know what the latest trends are, the highest quality and the quality of work at the highest level.

And you have come to the right place to discover the most sought after items and without a drop in the quality level

I work hard to bring you the latest and best trends to make sure you buy the best


 I believe that here you will enjoy shopping in the easiest and most fun way, and for any questions you may have you can contact me here

בישראל חנות בגדים אונליין לנשים

קני שמלות אופנתיות לנשים בישראל המדגישות ומשלימות את יופייך מכל זווית אפשרית. הפכי את ארון הבגדים שלך

לשמלות יפות, סאטן, איטלקי ועוד..... רבים. שתהפוך אותך למובילת הטרנדים של הקבוצה החברתית שלך.

  קני בגדים אופנתיים ואלגנטיים לנשים בישראל עם ההצעות וההנחות הטובות ביותר רק בבוטיק  Aetvbrands

    Aetvbrands   הבוטיק האידאלי לרכישת אופנה  טרנדית וייחודית.     

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