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Dear Aliza

It was fun that it was so simple to purchase the dress,

After we agreed on the phone about the purchase.

You were accessible, even though it was on Saturday, you gave me all the information I needed,

You offered me alternatives that would fit your pocket better,

Although I insisted on something specific,

And you had the patience to teach me how to handle the whole process.

I have already measured and received full compliments from my friend.

Thank you and appreciation to you from me,



I bought from Aliza a stunning dress with a long sleeve in a light oval color and at a really cheap price - and affordable 141.65 NIS

For the quality of the material that believes that such a dress in a boutique in the country would cost at least 3 times

I received service at a professional level and courtesy ..

And the dress arrived two weeks later exactly as she had promised.

Thank you very much cheerful!

Shally- Franchise and Health Marketing - Sunrider

506492950 +972


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