A roe hoodie scarf, a classic sleeveless classic designed with an original alpaca thirst from Peru.
Amazing alpaca capes!

Alpaca fibers are warm and very soft. This alpaca cape has a design pattern of the Andes around the border.
The spoon has a "V" neckline, a drop-shoulder style and an asymmetrical shape.

The medium-weight alpaca fiber vest can be worn all year round.
Alpaca fibers are washable, manually rinsing lukewarm and dry flat water.
Alpaca fibers are ideal for people allergic to wool (presses). Products made of alpaca fibers last a long time, in fact alpaca clothes are well made over many years. It is often said that alpaca fibers are stronger and more durable than most wool.

Size: One size

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Rowana cape scarf, classic sleeveless designed with an original alpaca-thirsty massif from Peru

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