How to shop online

Once you browse the various collections and categories and look for items that interest you and you like, once you find an item to your liking, click on it and you will immediately be taken to the item page, where you can see more pictures of the model, read the full product description, details on the fabric and what sizes it appears.
You will then be asked to choose a color and size (highly recommend before deciding on the size) Read the "Size Guide" page where you will also see instructions with the attached table and additional explanations.
What's left ?, just click the "Add to cart" button
Add the item to your shopping cart and from there proceed to the payment page.

What is the shipping price? Do you pay?

The price listed includes shipping. International shipping taxes to buyer countries are not included in the price.

Is there a local delivery?

 The deliveries come from Ukraine, we do not have a warehouse in the country at the moment, in the future there is a plan for this as well. Then of course there will also be local deliveries.

How long does it take to ship the items I ordered?
From the moment the order is confirmed, we try to get it out as quickly as possible, most of the days of treatment are:
3-5 business days
Shipping: Please between 14-18 business days

Is it possible to make telephone orders?

Definitely, however it is desirable and possible to contact me at 050-462950, ​​(you can also send me Whatsapp).
And will always be available to answer.
In addition, you have a contact page here on the website and you can send me an email to: aetvbrands75@gmail.com
I will try to contact you from the moment you leave the message as soon as possible.

Are all displayed on the site clothing designed by designers or imported from China?


You have nothing to fear these are not imitations, nor are items from China, all items including the jewelry are designed by professional designers in Ukraine. And the difference between the quality from China and the quality of the raw materials and fabrics that our designers work with are heaven and earth there is a huge difference also in the sewing of the garment and the garment that you get from sites that hold fashion from China.
 The products are sent to customers directly to their home from Cocos
Full responsibility for the finished product.

Is it possible to make a payment transaction?

Certainly, you can make a payment transaction on the site without interest using the secure payment method of Visa Card / Paypal. Once the payment is made, you will be asked to choose a payment method - for a payment transaction, you must choose to make the payment using Visa Card / Paypal.

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What happens and if the item I ordered to some extent, I found the size does not fit, what to do?


Certainly, it can always be replaced because

We are a great place to make your in-store purchases online

The product can be returned / replaced within 21 days of arrival

The product must be in its original packaging.

Do not return a product after use. Buyer is responsible for returning any item that is not defective.

And what if I am not satisfied will I get a refund?


We are certainly a very responsible company, so if you are not satisfied with your purchase after returning the product, you will receive a full refund.

There is no refund for items on sale, only a credit for the purchase on the website.

Is there clothing in large sizes?

Some items reach up to XXXL, but not all.

What is your recommendation regarding laundry and clothing care?


Clothing made of cotton fabrics is no problem to machine wash at 40 degrees, and iron.

Clothing made from more delicate fabrics I recommend is hand washing with delicate detergents that do not contain harmful chemicals and hanging in the shade.

Evening clothes, leather pants I recommended in dry cleaning.

Do evening clothes need to be ordered in advance?

Yes, it is highly advisable to plan well in advance of the event and also take into account the time of arrival. Evening attire should take into account at least 30 days for the finished execution of the order.


How do I know the order has been received?


During the order, you will be asked to enter an email address to which we will send updates regarding the order steps.

We will update you on the confirmation of the transaction and the delivery of the package to the courier company, you will receive a tracking number

You will stay up to date and always know at what stage your order is.

I did not receive confirmation of my purchase, what do I do?


Happened and the automatic confirmation was not received within 48 hours from the moment the order was placed , contact me by email: aetvbrands75@gmail.com , by phone 0506492950 , I am also available on and on Whatsapp.

Is the site secure in terms of payment?


You have nothing to fear at all

My site is hosted and protected by Wix. Wix is ​​an international Israeli company that controls the web hosting, all the content of the site is stored in Wix's secure systems, however I also decided to give additional payment options to perform credit clearing through the well-known PayPal site and Diners Club In very strict standards regarding security and privacy,

I also want you to know that all communication while making the transaction is protected with SSL technology so that you can be relaxed and place your order without fear.

My motto is to give you the best service and make every effort to make you satisfied with the purchase on the site -

If you have any further questions, I will try very hard to be here for you 24/7

You are welcome to contact me on the contact page at email: aetvbrands75@gmail.com/ / by phone:

0506492950 - Whatsapp


Wishing you enjoyable purchases
and see you later