Size Guide

How to know the right size of garment for online shopping?

The complete guide!


What fun you enjoy browsing and browsing my store and you are already ready to purchase through the site, and in order for you to receive the best service and I have prepared a size chart with explanations on how to choose the right size for you. It is important for me to note that the sizes on the website are the sizes that match the clothes that appear on the website if the score is for three types of sizes according to the familiar sizes - European, American - and Russian.

If you know your size from other sites in the country or from sites abroad, it is still better to look at the size chart below and order the size that suits you best.

So what are we doing? Measure yourself

The first thing you need to do is get a tape measure and it will help you to be as accurate as possible in a wide variety of clothes.

Notice obtain a tape measure to which one of the measurements in inches, be sure to use this side of the tape because all measurements in the table below are subject Bs"m.- There are movies on one side measurements are in inches and centimeters on the other side - I will not stumble important.





ציור מדידות

Lets start

Start by measuring the circumference of the three areas of the body: chest, waist and hips.

Make the measurement on the body itself and not on a shirt or pants.


Chest - Bust:

Measure the circumference of the chest by stretching a measuring tape under the armpit, around the body, rotate the band around the chest back to the armpit.

It is important that the tape measure remains at the same height throughout the lap.

Do not tighten the band too much to the body and remember to measure the center of the chest including the nipple area.

Tip: It is advisable to stay with the bra when measuring (the best bra you have and preferably without padding and push up)

The number you will see listed in the measurement tape will be the chest circumference in cm.


Waist - Waist:

Do the waist measurement, place the film at their narrowest point (usually it is a little above the navel).

Stand straight (preferably in front of the mirror) and rotate the waist area gently,

Rotate the measuring tape so that it is free (do not tighten) on the waist area and not tight, keep about a space of a finger between the measuring tape and the body, (it is desirable to measure and stand in front of a mirror)

The number you will see on this film will be the waist circumference in cm.


Hips - Hips:

Measure the thigh area including the buttocks and the thighs themselves. (The thighs are the area that is easiest to measure)

Make the measurement on the body and not on pants or a skirt.

It is very important to press your legs together and the widest part of the pelvic area is the area you will measure, rotate and surround with a tape measure.

The number you will see listed in the measurement tape will be the chest circumference in cm.